Restaurant Le Colombier : The Card

La Carte du Restaurant le Colombier

La Carte, La Cuisine

Restaurant le Colombier Toulouse, la carte, la cuisine

La carte according to seasons
You will find foies gras, cassoulet,
and other great classic dishes,
and specialities as well as fish and seafood
professionally cooked.

The more daring offers,
where Alain Lacoste’s inventiveness
will make you discover other gastronomic vistas
according to seasons and supplies.

The day's menu : 23.00 €*
(starter, dish, dessert)
*Served only on midday
Light menu 19.00 €*
(a dish plus starter or dessert)
*Served only on midday
27.50 € Menu
(starter, dish, dessert )
Regional Menu 32.00 €
(cassoulet-salad, dessert)
39.00 € Menu
(starter, dish, dessert) with foie gras and cassoulet
A few examples from the Carte :
• Dacquoise of Foie Gras in jelly of mango 20.00 €
• The genuine Cassoulet of Colombier to the Confit of goose 25.00 €
• The Ris of veal with Morels 26.00 €
• The Scallops in the Provençale 25.00 €
• Sea bream roasted with Pistou 24.00 €
• The heart flowing chocolate fondant 12,50 €

Prices quoted are indicative and may vary
with the market's rates.

14 rue Bayard - 31000 Toulouse
tél. 05 61 62 40 05
Fermé le samedi midi et le dimanche